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Produce Sellers License


Produce Sellers Licence

  1. Persons requesting a Produce Sellers’ License first needs to complete the Application Form which can be obtained at the regional office of Extension Officers, Division of Agriculture at the Botanic Gardens and at the Ministry of Agriculture. Farmers unable to complete the form can seek assistance from the Extension Officer of the area.
  2. Upon submission of the application form, the Extension Officer for the area must be contacted (for those filling the form on their own).
  3. The Extension Officer must visit the individual’s farm to verify that the information provided on the form is accurate.
  4. The individual then takes the completed form to the Division of Agriculture, Botanic Gardens along with two Passport sized photos.
  5. The Minister of Agriculture MUST sign the form before the License is issued. A fee of $10.00 is charged. 

Non-Nationals: In addition to the aforementioned, non-nationals are to provide the following:

  1.  A valid work permit
  2. A valid lease agreement signifying they have been granted legal permission to farm

P.S Licences are valid for 1 year and/or expires on March 31st each year regardless of when they were first issued.

Produce Sellers' License (PDF 66.1KB)