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Application for Import/Manufacture of Pesticides


Application for Registration of Pesticides

Registration for Pesticide as an approved Pesticide: guidelines

In accordance with regulation (3) of the Pesticide Control (Registration and Licensing Regulation SRO 56 of 1986) and 4, the application must be accompanied by:

  1. A certificate of clearance or registration from the competent authority with whom the produces are licensed or registered in the country of origin, as well as a copy of the label stamped as being approved by that authority; and if the product is not on sale in the country of origin then the reason for that that must be stated.
  2. A copy of all labels or all proposed labels used or intended to be used on the container in which the pesticide is to be packed.
  3. A copy of any instructions or any proposed instructions accompanying or intended to accompany each package of the pesticide.
  4. A statement setting out any information, additional to that given on the label and additional to that contained in the instructions accompanying the package relating to the safety precautions and the type of clothes, facilities and equipment recommended to prevent hazards to persons using or handling the pesticides.
  5. A statement as to whether the pesticide is:
    1. approved by any member states of the Caribbean Community for use in such state and the conditions, if any, attached to its sale, distribution or use in that state or
    2. being sold for use in its country of origin and whether there are any conditions attached to such use.

Additional information is available on the last page of the form.

Application form for the registration of a Pesticide as an approved Pesticide (PDF 206 KB)

Registration of Pesticides:
  • The applicant must complete an application in which Technical information on the product is provided.
  • The pesticide dossier will be assessed by Technical Committee of the Pesticide Control Board.
  • The Committee then informs the Board whether the pesticide should be registered or not
  • The Board then issues registration certificate.
  • The product may be registered with restrictions on its use or for general use.
  • After registration, the product may be imported by anyone granted a license to do so by the Board
  • The product is registered for a period of three years after which time the registration must be renewed.
  • The registration process takes (2) two months.