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Policy Formulation and Administration

Policy Formulation and Administration

The Policy formulation and Administration Unit is responsible for ensuring integration of agricultural sector policies into macroeconomic policies, and that integrated policy, planning and budgeting at the sector level are driven by national policy priorities.

Policy related responsibilities include:

  • Formulation, implementation and coordination of sectoral policies, programs and projects that are designed to achieve the GOCD’s policy priorities
  • Design and execution of strategies and programs associated with sub-sector and commodity specific activities
  • Monitoring, evaluation and periodic review of policy and programme impacts at the sector and sub-sector levels
  • Policy guidance and recommendations to the GOCD on sectoral and cross-sectoral issues
  • Coordination of the GOCD’s policy initiatives with development and other technical assistance from regional and international organizations and with respect to obligations under regional agreements and MEA’s
  • Creating an enabling environment for private sector investment in the agricultural sector

Responsibilities in the provision of Technical support and regulatory services:

  • Applied research and development activities
  • Provision of extension services
  • Design and management of the regulatory framework relating to the agricultural sector Education, training and public awareness
  • Provision of physical infrastructure
  • Data collection and information management to support planning and decision-making
  • Facilitating linkages and networking between national, regional and international organizations
  • Development of an annual planning, programming and budgeting cycle to execute the above responsibilities

In addition, the following services are offered at the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry under the Administrative section:

  1. Issuing of Hucksters License 
  2. Issuing of Produce Seller's Licence
  3. Issuing of Peddlers’ License