This Unit will work with the Project Implementation Unit of the Ministry of Blue and Green Economy, Agriculture and National Food Security. This will be the clearing house for Ministry and Division Data from collection to and analysis and ultimate delivery to end users including Policy development and planning. Capacity will be given to build a robust unit playing a sound role in development and planning for a resilient sector.

The Communications Unit is the newest independent unit to be developed for the purpose of public exposure and visibility for both farmer and public relations by utilizing print, viewing and social media for maximum effect. The Unit will be responsible for developing training material in collaboration with other Divisions and Units for delivery to farmers.

The goals and objectives of the AICTU are:

  • To manage the comprehensive collection, organization, storage and dissemination of all information required to meet the objectives of the department.
  • To facilitate the development of precision agriculture and efficient land use and farm planning through the utilization of GIS based technology.
  • To support the development of a national GIS based disaster preparedness and mitigation strategy.
  • To coordinate the development of a national Agricultural Information Management System.
  • To provide timely and reliable agricultural information which is retrievable and easily accessed by staff of the department and other users.