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Vacancy - Assistant Laboratory Technician


MINISTRY: Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries Blue and Green Economy
POSITION TITLE: Assistant Laboratory Technician
SUPERVISOR TITLE: Laboratory Technician

Job Summary

Under the general supervision of Lab Technician, the Assistant Lab Technician is responsible for establishing and maintaining plant cultures through initiation and sub culturing.

Core Duties and Responsibilities


  1. Maintaining standards:
    To carry out sterilization, initiation and sub culturing of plants by:
    1. Surface sterilization of Ex plant
    2. Sectioning cultures using sterilized equipment
    3. Sub culturing of plantlets
    4. Assist in preparation of media
  2. Maintaining Cultures
    1. Labelling all flask (variety, date and personal initials) before transferring to shelves
    2. Checking, recording and removing contaminated flasks from shelves, daily
    3. Sterilizing and washing all contaminated and used flasks, daily
    4. Sterilizing utensils as required
    5. Preparing monthly record on work done and contaminations obtained (if any)
    6. Recording all work done in record book
    7. Cleaning work station at the end of each work day
  3. Perform any other related duties that may be assigned

Key Competencies

Diploma in Chemistry, or least 5 CXC subjects including chemistry.


  • Experience in laboratory procedures
  • Computer literate (Word processing/Power point/Excel etc)


  1. Plant biology and/or physiology


  1. Excellent Verbal and Written communication skills
  2. Excellent organizational skills
  3. Excellent interpersonal skills


  1. Ability to be innovative and motivated
  2. Good communication skills
  3. Ability to think critically and independently
  4. Ability to carry out several tasks simultaneously

Physical, Mental and Environmental Issues

Physical Environment:

  • The work is performed mainly in a laboratory environment
  • Requires working with equipment which generates heat

Physical and Sensory Effort:

  • Simple muscular movements which involve the operation of machines with some degree of skill, coordination, speed and accuracy is required

Applications should be sent electronically on or before June 20th 2024 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..