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Support for Poultry and Livestock

Support for Poultry and Livestock

An Application Call to Commercial Poultry Farmers The Government of Dominica is on a thrust to reduce its food import bill with concentration on foods that can be produced locally. Support will be provided to poultry farmers who have the current capacity to produce at least 1,000 chicks per cycle and who are willing to increase production to 10,000 per cycle.

Benefits of the Support Programme
•    Combination of cash grants for infrastructure enhancement, technical advisory services, input provision

Eligibility Criteria:

Farmers must be:

  1. Consistent importers of chicks
  2. Production of at least 500 chicks per cycle
  3. Consistent suppliers of live weight chicken to Abattoir at consistent. That is, numbers at sale
  4. Consistent suppliers to supermarkets
  5. Farmers with the land space of 10,000 to 10,000 sq ft to accommodate additional poultry housing or farmers who are interested in expansion and/or are in a position to access lands.

Consideration will be Given to the Following:

  • Farm conditions
  • Farmer’s experience
  • On farm labor capacity

Farmers must also be willing to:

  • Participate in inspections in keeping with expected codes of practice and any relevant regulations
  • Modernize existing amenities or farm facilities
  • Install modernizing equipment and technology or modify facilities or equipment to protect food safety.
  • Ensure compliance with labeling and other environment requirements
  • Uphold occupational and other safety requirements
  • Pay for services to support production or become certified, where applicable
  • Support labor recruitment, training, and retention

Visit you agriculture office to complete physical form; Access digital links here –

Deadline: December 20th, 2022