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Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries

Scientific Research Application Form

Permits for Scientific Research and collection of biological material in publicly protected and managed lands in Dominica

In order to be granted a permit to conduct scientific research and/or to access biological resources found within Dominica, all non-nationals and overseas-based researchers must fulfill a number of requirements and fill out the appropriate forms. 

Any authorization to undertake research, specimen collection and export must be granted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry. The permit however will be issued by the Forestry, Wildlife and Parks Division, unless otherwise stated.  In some cases the Researcher(s) may also be required to secure Work Permits from the Ministry responsible for Labour and Immigration, prior to the commencement of the study.

Any researcher wishing to conduct scientific study and/or to collect biological material on State-owned Lands (particularly within the boundaries of National Parks and Forest Reserves), must first obtain permission from the Forestry, Wildlife and Parks Division of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry.  The procedure for obtaining this permission is as follows:

  1. Upon request, the Forestry, Wildlife and Parks Division will furnish the Researcher(s) with a RESEARCH ACTIVITY REGISTRATION FORM (PDF 73.5 KB).  This must be completed and returned, with all relevant documents or other information, to the Director of Forestry and Wildlife.
  2. A copy of the research project/proposal in English must be submitted by the prospective researcher.
  3. The prospective researcher(s) may be required to submit authenticated certification from the Institution where the researcher is working or studying.
  4. The Forestry, Wildlife and Parks Division will review the application and project proposal and forward it to the Ministry of Agriculture with recommendations, for final determination.
    1. If the proposal is disapproved, the Director of Forestry and Wildlife will communicate that information along with the grounds for rejection, to the Researcher(s).  The Director may also make suggestions with respect to changes necessary to satisfy the Division’s concerns.
    2. If approval is granted, the Forestry, Wildlife and Parks Division will notify the Researcher(s) stipulating conditions. In specific cases a Contract or Agreement will be entered between the Researcher and the Forestry, Wildlife and Parks Division.  The documents will also be copied to the Ministry of Labour and Immigration to facilitate the issue of a work permit where necessary.
  5. A non-refundable processing fee of US$115.00 will be charged for projects in which one researcher is involved in fieldwork, and US$75.00 for each additional researcher or assistant. Bank Draft or Money Order should be made payable to the Forestry and Wildlife Division and should be forwarded with each application.  Persons paying by cheque or by international money order must pay an additional US $1.90 (EC $5.00) in order to cover bank charges. No fee will be charged to collaborating resident Dominican nationals.  These fees may be reviewed from time to time.
  6. Where the research involves a course (e.g. Ecology, Biology, Botany, etc), the fee structure will be as follows: US $115.00 for the lead Professor/researcher, and $75.00 each per assistant. Students will NOT be charged the regular research fees, but MUST purchase Ecotousist Site passes, in order to gain access to the ecotourist sites in order to conduct their research. (As at July 2008, the site pass fees are as follows: US $12.00 for a Week Pass, which allows multiple-visits to all the sites during a 1-week period; and US $5.00 for s single-visit “Site Pass”). 
  7. An additional charge of US$186.00 (EC$500.00), US$279.00 (EC$750.00), US$372.00 (EC$1,000.00),or US$558.00 (EC$1,500.00) (subject to the judgment of the Director of Forestry and Wildlife) may be imposed if organic or inorganic specimens are to be collected.  These charges are in addition to the processing fee.
  8. Where materials (biological or other) collected during the approved research are to be taken out of the country, the Researcher may be required to enter into an Agreement with the Government of Dominica, for the export, use and disposal of such materials. The Researcher would be required to provide information to the Forestry, Wildlife & Parks Division as to the intended use and method of disposal of such materials. The Director shall inform the Researcher of the terms of the Agreement. 
  9. In specific cases research authentication may be requested from the nearest Dominica Consular Service.
  10. On arrival in the country the Researcher(s) must obtain all permits or licenses required from the Director of the Forestry, Wildlife and Parks Division BEFORE ANY WORK CAN COMMENCE unless special permission is granted by the Director of Forestry, Wildlife & Parks or his designate.
  11. The Researcher(s) must submit an interim summary report of research work done in Dominica before departure, pending the submission of the final report.
  12. A comprehensive final report must be submitted to the Forestry, Wildlife and Parks Division within six (6) months of completion of the research activity.

N.B.  Researchers and research institutions must allow a period of a minimum of one (1) month following receipt of documentation for processing of applications for scientific study and/or collection of biological specimens.