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Application Permit For Filming of Biodiversity and National Parks

Information to applicants applying for permits to film Terrestrial Biodiversity and National Parks or Ecotourism Sites on Dominica

In order to be granted a permit to film terrestrial biodiversity, i.e. local flora and fauna, and/or natural or historic sites and attractions on Dominica, within areas managed by the Forestry, Wildlife & Parks Division of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry, all persons or organizations/agencies  - including nationals and non-nationals, representing local or overseas-based organizations respectively - wishing to undertake such filming must submit an application on the appropriate Application Form, and may be required to fulfill a number of requirements. 

Any authorization to undertake such filming must be granted by the Forestry, Wildlife and Parks Division on Dominica. In some cases the producer(s) of the film (be it for a documentary, adventure film, or for other purpose) may also be required to secure Work Permits from the Ministry of Labour and Immigration prior to commencement of the filming.

The procedure for obtaining this permission is as follows:

  1. Upon request from the producer/applicant, the Forestry, Wildlife and Parks Division will furnish the Applicant(s)/Producer(s) with an “Application for Filming Terrestrial Biodiversity and at National Parks and Ecotourism Sites” Form. This Form must be completed and returned, with all relevant documents requested, to the Director of Forestry, Wildlife & Parks (herein after called “the Director”). Applications will be accepted via e-mail as Word documents or PDF files.
  2. The Forestry, Wildlife & Parks Division shall review the application and either approve or disapprove it.
    1. If the Application is disapproved, the Director of Forestry & Parks or his designate will communicate that information, along with the grounds for rejection, to the Applicant(s)/Producer(s). The Director may also make suggestions with respect to changes necessary to satisfy the Division’s concerns.
    2. If the Application is approved, the Director of Forestry & Parks or his designate shall notify the Applicant(s) / Producer(s) accordingly, and stipulating the conditions under which the permit is granted, as well as the filming fees payable. 
  3. A non-refundable Processing Fee and/or Filming Fee shall be paid to the Forestry, Wildlife & Parks Division

    The fees shall be charged as follows:-

      1. Commercial Projects (feature films, commercial advertisements): US $1,500.00 or US $500.00 per day, whichever is greater.
      2. Non-Commercial Documentaries: A Processing Fee of US $200.00.
      3. Short-Films: A processing Fee of US $200.00.
      4. Independent Films: US $500.00 or US $200.00 per day, whichever is greater.
      5. Still Shoots: US $1,000.00 or US $350.00 per day, whichever is greater.
      6. Where the ecotourist site(s) is(are) to be closed for the purpose of filming, an additional charge of US $500.00 per day per site, in addition to the Permit Fee shall be charged.

    * Local Productions and Student Productions: Fees shall be waived.

    * For certain categories of films, the fees may be negotiated or waived.

  4. In some cases, the Producer(s) may be required to enter into a formal Agreement with the Government of Dominica for the use of site(s) requested for filming purposes.
  5. Payment may be made either in cash (at the office of the Forestry, Wildlife & Parks Division in Roseau, Dominica), or by Bank Draft or Money Order made payable to Forestry & Wildlife Division / Dominica.  Applicants opting to pay by Bank Draft or International Money Order must also pay an additional amount of US $1.90 (EC $5.10) in order to cover bank charges for processing of the Draft or Money Order. The Division shall issue official Government of Dominica receipts in accordance with the amount paid.

    If payment is to be made through the mail, then the Bank Draft / Order should be sent to:
    Director of Forestry, Wildlife & Parks
    Forestry, Wildlife & Parks Division
    Windsor Park Road

  6. Where approval has been granted, the Director shall issue a Letter of Introduction to the Applicant/Producer in addition to the Filming Permit. This document must be collected by the Producer at the Office of the Forestry & Wildlife Division located on Windsor Park Road Roseau.

N.B.  Applicants must allow a period of not less than one (1) month following receipt of applications for processing of such applications.

Application Form (PDF 88.5 KB)