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Phytosanitary Certificate


Phytosanitary Certificate

Guidelines for applying for a phytosanitary certificate
  • All produce to be exported must be FREE OF SOIL
  • All produce must be PEST FREE. There must be NO LIVE or DEAD INSECTS, or symptoms if disease in Produce.
  • Ensure that your produce is of BEST QUALITY and meets EXPORT REQUIRMENTS.
  • Your  package  must  be  opened  for inspection  by  the  Quarantine  Inspector  at the port of exit.
  • Exporters must co-operate with Quarantine Office for Produce inspections.
  • All packages must be properly labeled including names of exporter & consignee.
  • All treatment of produce (e.g. ridomil in dasbeen or bot water treatment in mangoes etc.) must be declared for entry on Phytosanitary Certificate.
  • No packages (boxes/bags) used to ship produce out of Dominica shall be returned to Dominica.
  • All  plants,  Plant  Parts  or  Fresh  Produce  imported  into  Dominica  must  be accompanied by a Phytosanitary Certificate from the COUNTRY OF ORIGIN.
  • Phytosanitary Certificates for export are issued by Quarantine Officers at all ports, and cost EC five ($5) dollars.
  • Phytosanitary Certificates are valid from date of issue up to FOUR (4) days after.

Note:  Agricultural produce for export must be inspected (Plant Protection Act 1986: Section 12) before shipping.

Sample certificate (PDF 505 KB)