The Dominica Forest Service was established in 1949, almost in the middle of the twentieth century. The Division started off as a section within the Department of Agriculture, but subsequently attained the status of a separate Department within the Ministry of Agriculture, by which time the department was called the “Forestry Department”. In succeeding years the name of the Division was changed twice: firstly to the Forestry and Wildlife Division (by law), and today is commonly refers to itself as the Forestry, Wildlife and Parks Division.

Current Priorities
  • Sustainable utilization of forest , wildlife and national park resources
  •  Soil and water conservation
  •  Public relations and environmental education
  •  Enforcement of forestry, wildlife and national parks legislation
  •  Research and Monitoring
  • Administration of Waitukubuli National Trail
  • Upgrading and developing the infrastructure, institutional  capacity and resources for implementing the Division’s mandate