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Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries

Division of Forestry, Wildlife and National Parks

The Dominica Forest Service was established in 1949, almost in the middle of the twentieth century. The Division started off as a section within the Department of Agriculture, but subsequently attained the status of a separate Department within the Ministry of Agriculture, by which time the department was called the “Forestry Department”. In succeeding years the name of the Division was changed twice: firstly to the Forestry and Wildlife Division (by law), and today is commonly refers to itself as the Forestry, Wildlife and Parks Division.

Current Priorities
  • Sustainable utilization of forest , wildlife and national park resources
  •  Soil and water conservation
  •  Public relations and environmental education
  •  Enforcement of forestry, wildlife and national parks legislation
  •  Research and Monitoring
  • Administration of Waitukubuli National Trail
  • Upgrading and developing the infrastructure, institutional  capacity and resources for implementing the Division’s mandate