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Application for Import/Manufacture of Pesticides


Application for Import/Manufacture of Pesticides

Licensing of Pesticides:

  • Any person or company wishing to import a registered pesticide into Dominica must first obtain a license to do so.
  • The applicant must complete the required application form (PDF 85.9 KB) and submit it to the office of the Pesticide Control Board at the Botanical Gardens.
  • The approved license form must be presented along with customs documents to the Customs department.
  • A list of registered pesticides is available at the office of the board. Check the list to ensure that the pesticides that you intend to order is registered for use in Dominica.
  • A license is granted for one shipment of pesticides and is valid for three months
  • A license must be obtained for every shipment of pesticides imported.

Application for a licence to import or manufacture a pesticide that is already on the approved pesticides list.

Application Form (PDF 85.9 KB)