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Plant Propagation Unit

Plant Propagation Unit

The success of crop production starts with supplying healthy and certified planting material to farmers. An important quest for that Unit is to modernize all Stations as an important component for sector development.

Important functions are:

  • Plant Propagation Planning and Management
  • Citrus Certification
  • Agricultural Station Development and utilization
  • Tissue Culture Development
  • Germplasm Conservation

The mission of the Plant Propagation Unit is to contribute to the development of a sustainable agricultural sector through crop intensification and diversification by providing healthy vigorous and disease free certified plants to the general public.

The Goals and Objectives of the unit are as follows:

  • To provide healthy and vigorous plants to its clients
  • To support extension crop method and result demonstration activities within agricultural extension regions.

Citrus Certification Programme

The overall objective of this programme is as follows:

  • To produce certified citrus planting materials.
  • To strengthen capacity in monitoring and diagnostic services for citrus.
  • To develop research capacity in citrus agronomy and citrus pest/natural enemy complex determination.

Grandbay, Laplaine, Woodfordhill and Portsmouth Agricultural Research Centre

The mission of the DoA in technology generation, validation and dissemination and provision of high quality planting material to farmers.

The specific objectives of are:

  • To develop the Agriculture Centres as a model plant production facility.
  • To produce and supply quality plant material to the farming sector.
  • To support technology generation and transfer activities.