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Fisheries Division

Fisheries Division

The Fisheries Division is mandated under the Fisheries Act No. 11 of 1987 of the Laws of Dominica to manage the affairs of the marine environment and consists of:

  1. Extension
  2. Scuba Diving
  3. Data/Fisheries Resource Management
  4. Research/Aquaculture Development
  5. Fish Marketing
  6. Marine Mechanic Unit.

Overall Goal & Functions

The overall goal of the Fisheries Division is:

“Sustainable development of the living marine resources to meet human nutritional needs as well as contribute to national social, economic, and development goals, taking into account traditional knowledge and interests of local communities, small scale/artisanal fisheries and indigenous people.”

Functions of the Fisheries Division are based on the sub divisions and include:

  1. Research and development
    1. Compilation, collection and reporting of fisheries information (fish catch and effort, registration, research)
    2. Exploratory fishing for new and underexploited species
    3. Introduction of new and enhanced fishing gear
    4. Marine environmental impact assessments e. reef monitoring
    5. Development of fishing communities
    6. Maintaining fisheries exploitation at sustainable levels
  2. Extension and Training
    1. Registration of fishers and fishing boats
    2. Training of fishers and technical support to fisheries groups and cooperatives
    3. Promoting and fostering the development of individual fishers and fisheries groups
  3. Education and Public Awareness
    1. Development and publishing of literature on fisheries and marine-related matters
    2. Public awareness programs promoting fisheries, fish as food and environmental awareness in general


The Mission Statement reads:

“To  create  an  enabling  environment  for  employment,  enhance  food  security,  reduce  poverty  and contribute to economic diversification in Dominica.”

The Vision Statement reads:

To be recognized as an efficiently managed government agency by fishermen, related institutions and the public at large, delivering high quality support, research, development and regulatory services to the fisheries sector.

Organizational Structure

The Chief Fisheries Officer (CFO) heads the department, with the Senior Fisheries Officer (SFO) second in command. There are two Fisheries Officers (FO) below the SFO who, in turn, oversee the four (4) Fisheries Liaison Officers (FLO). The FOs may be focused on heading research or extension. The FLOs are divided by officers responsible for extension, resource assessment/data/information, research and monitoring or public awareness duties.


There are three main units within the Fisheries Division, based on the work of the department. These were previously mentioned, but they are:

  1. Research and Development
  2. Extension and Training
  3. Education and Awareness